Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Topped it Off with Quartz

Look what showed up Monday morning! Our quartz island counter top was installed and we are absolutely in love. It is exactly what we pictured and I love the design even more in a bigger piece than the sample...thank goodness! We went with Cambria's Torquay and I'm so glad I went with my gut on this one.

Came home tonight with a load of groceries; it was amazing having somewhere to put them! This island is not only there to look pretty, it's going to be functional as well. We desperately needed the counter space and storage. Last night we enjoyed our first dinner on the island and I'm excited for the future family dinners to come.

Serena and Lily Counter Stools
Now let's talk about those counter stools. How fun do they look parked right up next to the island? I have been waiting to put those beauties in their rightful spots for a long (and I mean months!) time. Next time you stop by for dinner, you will now have somewhere to sit while I cook! Ok, stop laughing, I know I don't cook. How about next time you come over for a drink...

Few more to dos to complete the island, but we are definitely getting close!

Lots of Love,

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