Friday, July 3, 2015

Kitchen Island Updated: Cabinets are in!

First off, so sorry for the delay in posts over the month of June. We were crazy busy with visitors, travel and I had lots of LOC orders! This four day weekend is a total blessing and I'm hoping I can play catch up. The first update I want to give, is on the kitchen. We are getting closer to a finished island!

Before we are able to get the countertop measured, we have to have the island mounted into the floor...check (thanks to my awesome father-in-law helping Dustin!).

To finish up the cabinets, we have to accomplish the following:
1. One more coat of paint
2. Paint & mount the corbels - support for the countertop
3. Seam the edges and purchase base boards
4. Purchase the hardware - going to match the other cabinets
5. Put the drawers & doors back in place

For the corbels, I used a source recommended to me by a friend's dad (thanks Bill!) and loved these classic, mission style corbels:
Osborne Wood Products

While we are working on that to do list, we can have the countertop place come out and do measurements. That is, if we finalize our decision on the Cambria Torquay Quartz...

Here are a couple pictures of the sample currently sitting in our kitchen:

We are going to keep the granite on the main counters for now, so I wanted to make sure they didn't clash.

What are your thoughts on it? I think I love it, but this big decision is making me nervous...

We also got our light fixture in and I'm loving it! We went in a more classy/traditional direction to fit the style of our home and add some character to the space:

Pottery Barn Kids - Get it now, it's on sale!

I think it is definitely unexpected for the kitchen, but I saw this kitchen on Pinterest and loved the look:

Hopefully this weekend we can get more items on the to do list accomplished and make our final decision on the quartz...seriously let me know your thoughts if you have any! I promise to keep you all updated more. Happy Fourth of July weekend!

Lots of Love,

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