Sunday, July 26, 2015

Front Porch Steps Reveal

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If you have ever knocked on our front door, you have had to survive our crumbling front steps. Well fear no more (unless you are just clumsy), we have fixed the stairs! And by we, I mean our concrete guys.

What scares trick-or-treaters and grandparents? These stairs:

You could say they made our home look sad, which is not the first impression we wanted to give. We decided something needed to be done with them and before Halloween! Sitting at the top of the stairs passing out candy is a lot more fun than the bottom. We hired the same company that did our backyard patio. Great having another leave and come home to a finished product...


We love the clean lines and simplicity of the cement. The curved base was a great idea and makes the area look finished. Oh and hey, the stairs are actually an even width apart! It's the little things with old houses...

The front visual of the house looks cleaned up and welcoming...welcoming because you don't have to fear for your life anymore. Our mail woman must love us now!

The final to do is to finish is the top step. The concrete company was unable to finish that step because it is one with the porch and we aren't ready to replace the entire porch. They didn't want to cover in a thin layer of concrete because it would crack soon after. Our plan now is to replace the thin brick. Anyone know how to lay brick or have a better solution?

Excited to give a better first impression at our parties! Come on in...

Lots of Love,

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