Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Topped it Off with Quartz

Look what showed up Monday morning! Our quartz island counter top was installed and we are absolutely in love. It is exactly what we pictured and I love the design even more in a bigger piece than the sample...thank goodness! We went with Cambria's Torquay and I'm so glad I went with my gut on this one.

Came home tonight with a load of groceries; it was amazing having somewhere to put them! This island is not only there to look pretty, it's going to be functional as well. We desperately needed the counter space and storage. Last night we enjoyed our first dinner on the island and I'm excited for the future family dinners to come.

Serena and Lily Counter Stools
Now let's talk about those counter stools. How fun do they look parked right up next to the island? I have been waiting to put those beauties in their rightful spots for a long (and I mean months!) time. Next time you stop by for dinner, you will now have somewhere to sit while I cook! Ok, stop laughing, I know I don't cook. How about next time you come over for a drink...

Few more to dos to complete the island, but we are definitely getting close!

Lots of Love,

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Front Porch Steps Reveal

For a project update, make sure to check out: Front Porch Reveal - Part Deux!

If you have ever knocked on our front door, you have had to survive our crumbling front steps. Well fear no more (unless you are just clumsy), we have fixed the stairs! And by we, I mean our concrete guys.

What scares trick-or-treaters and grandparents? These stairs:

You could say they made our home look sad, which is not the first impression we wanted to give. We decided something needed to be done with them and before Halloween! Sitting at the top of the stairs passing out candy is a lot more fun than the bottom. We hired the same company that did our backyard patio. Great having another leave and come home to a finished product...


We love the clean lines and simplicity of the cement. The curved base was a great idea and makes the area look finished. Oh and hey, the stairs are actually an even width apart! It's the little things with old houses...

The front visual of the house looks cleaned up and welcoming...welcoming because you don't have to fear for your life anymore. Our mail woman must love us now!

The final to do is to finish is the top step. The concrete company was unable to finish that step because it is one with the porch and we aren't ready to replace the entire porch. They didn't want to cover in a thin layer of concrete because it would crack soon after. Our plan now is to replace the thin brick. Anyone know how to lay brick or have a better solution?

Excited to give a better first impression at our parties! Come on in...

Lots of Love,

Sunday, July 19, 2015

I'm Ready to PAAARTAAY!

Everyone loves a good party. To have said good party, you need good supplies, and I am happy to share with you that Love of Character has continued to expand our party supply offering! You can purchase the supplies individually or save the effort (and a little dough) and purchase as a set. In a few weeks, I'm going to have a fun little shindig photo shoot to show these off in a party setting, but for now, you can check out the products themselves...

 Party Time Supplies - Perfect for any occasion, especially birthdays:
Get all of the supplies & some extra goodies with the Party in a Box.
Big girls need big party cups! Less top offs make parties efficient.

Seriously love these hats, and they are proven stylish since Victoria Beckham got them for David's Birthday Party!

At the Fancy Nancy Party, I used pom pom picks in the cheese and it is one of my most popular Pinterest Pins! Now you can get some for your event!

Tiny canape plates are perfect for your appetizers or desserts! They also will work great with....

Your very own food truck! This festive table or buffet centerpiece is a perfect way to display your food!

Missing your sister's, friend's or daughter's birthday? Send the party to her with the Party in a Box!
Making this party a sleepover? Well we have the perfect favors for you:

Little Box of Sleepover Character

Next up, tea parties! We have two collections: a vintage, floral collection and a Truly Alice collection:

Our Truly Scrumptious tea party supplies are gorgeous & fun. You can buy individually or the Tea Party in a Box

The Lampshade Bunting is my favorite item from the collection!
We also got in new dinner plates for the set!

The Truly Alice collection is perfect for your Alice in Wonderland Tea Party! These teapot stands are a must!

The plates and napkins tell the story & are gorgeous at the same time.

To show off your tea party sweets, why not have a Sweet Shop setup!
Don't forget our fun confetti pops we make in house & last week for my brother's birthday, I came up with a new idea:
Hide birthday money in confetti! More exciting that way.

Pop some Confetti and add some sparkle!
When you are attending a party, don't forget about your fabulous hostess! Our Hostess card by Lark + Raven and our Little Box of Home Character make for perfect hostess gifts...

Hostess with the Mostess by Lark + Raven

Little Box of Home Character comes with products your hostess will love!

Now that you know where to find party supplies full of character (that are affordable I might add), you can throw a fabulous party! Don't want to throw the party? Make sure to bring your hostess something nice!

A good party makes for one tired puppy...

Lots of Love,

Monday, July 13, 2015

Travel Stories in Pictures

 This summer has absolutely flown by, mainly due to our constant traveling. I am obviously behind on sharing the details with you, so I'm doing it in the form of pictures - pictures say 1000 words or something right?

New York City - Traveled there with Dustin for Lillian & Nigel's gorgeous wedding!
Hotel: Dream Midtown
Wedding: Central Park Boathouse

My absolute favorite wedding decoration at her wedding!
My very handsome wedding date!
After a few trips to NYC, finally walked by this fun beauty.
Madison Square Park Art Installation by Teresita Fern├índez  - Amazing in person!
How fun is a flower shop on wheels?! I especially love the bright floral truck!
Found ourselves some delicious lobster rolls in the fish market of Chelsea Market.
Too pretty not to snap a picture.
Singapore - Traveled there for work and found some time to relive a few favorites from a few years ago!
Hotel: Grand Park Orchard

Loved seeing my good friend Grace! Met up in Chinatown for some yummy food & catch up! 
Singapore's 50th Year Celebration

Love the bright colors and life in Chinatown!

Fun adventures in the Bugis area checking out the markets and temples.

Las Vegas - We needed a getaway with friends!
Hotel: Cosmopolitan

Had to bring fun party favors for my girls!
Dustin's first time in Viva!
Our room was fabulous and the closet was such a fun visual.
Free pool bag with our booking and it was full of fabulous goodies! Nothing like some pina colada sunscreen and that cute pink box has wood dice!
So, some how we got this incredible view...
Well hopefully that gave you a little insight to our crazy travels all over the place! We have gone to some fabulous places and stayed at some pretty hotels. We have a few more places to head to this summer because of wedding events: Dallas for a Bachelorette Party, Denver for a Wedding and Houston for a Wedding. In between the trips, we still need to get the island done (we ordered the countertop!!), keep going on the powder room (ugh, pipe problems) and I'm planning some fun Love of Character things that I'm excited to share with you. I promise to keep you all posted! For quicker updates, make sure to follow me on Instagram: @loveofcharacter

Lots of Love,