Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Patio Reveal!

I've been mentioning that we had a project coming up we hired for and today part one was completed! We had a cement patio put in and we are obsessed. Now, I know we haven't talked much about the outdoor situation of our house, and to be honest there was reason. The backyard is a great size, but it was not the most attractive site. We started looking at patio ideas end of last summer and we decided this spring that now was the time to make it happen. The company that we decided on was great (E&J Concrete), gave good advice and was quick!

Left this morning with cracked cement and weird rock beds...

...came home tonight to this!

We finally have stairs coming off of the sunroom! So excited to host parties where people can hangout in the sunroom and then go outside.

Whose ready for a patio party!? We should probably find some good patio furniture stat, so we can get to enjoying before the summer gets too hot.

This weekend Dustin is also power washing the siding and this summer we are going to work on redoing the fence and expanding the deck (because the french doors seriously go out into a railing). Then this fall, Dustin is planning on replanting the grass because he said it was mainly weeds and basically we let the workers drive through it today. I have to say it was nice hiring someone to do the concrete because viola! it was completed...a little different from some of our other projects :)

Lots of Love,

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