Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Finish Fireplace...Check!

The past couple weeks Dustin and our friend, Ryan, have been working on tiling the fireplace. I've been posting about it throughout the past couple months, here is a recap of the stages:

Bye bye ugly brown tile, we are getting classy and traditional in this casa! Check out our gorgeous new marble tiled fireplace hearth:

Details on the tile and where we found it, check out the "before" post.

We love it and it's a fun new statement in our living room. It also helps lighten up the space. The guys used leveling board to smooth out the surface below, which seemed to work great. We also decided to elevate it a little and add the white trim to give it a clean finish. Now we just need to get busy on the trim work, so we can paint the mantel and I need to find a new fire screen...for some reason they are a pain to find and really expensive! I'll have to start scouring Pinterest again. For now, my cute pearl garland will have to do the distracting.

Hope you all love the tile as much as we do! I can't wait to put it in the powder room. Unfortunately we hit some bumps there because we have to replace a couple pipes (nothing's easy). I'll keep you posted as always! Also, we have that other fun project coming up that I mentioned we hired someone for...all goes well I'll be sharing that soon!

Shout out to Ryan for helping us with this project and teaching my husband how to tile!

Lots of Love,

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