Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tidy Up Magic? Challenge Accepted

Last week on Facebook, I stumbled across this article: The life-changing magic of tidying up: How this 1 tip changed everything. Hm, my room is covered in clothes and a total disaster (which isn't acceptable at the age of 26...I should be old enough to put away clothes). I read the article and even shared it on the LOC Facebook page. It got a few likes and some comments and I felt like by putting this out there, I had to actually take on the challenge.

In the article it talks about tackling one category at a time, not location. I found and piled up all my clothes (except for the closet, I didn't want to take things off hangers to re-hang them...so I cheated a little) like the article suggested and the result was scary:

You can judge me, I judged me. Unfortunately, but fortunately I started this activity with about an hour of time to dedicate to it. It was probably better because I didn't have time to put too much thought into it. I had to get my clothes organized this weekend and cleaned up because I think my husband (and honestly, me too) was about to lose it. I followed the ideas in the article: go through each piece of clothing and decide, "Does it spark joy?" I also had to push myself to not hold onto things I never ever wear just because of a memory, especially t-shirts. There were some items I got rid of because they were a pain to wash, steam, etc. I figured if I hadn't worn it because I hadn't ironed it, I probably was never going to. It became kind of liberating and I probably got a little to quick with my donation toss, but I was raised by a mother who was all about a good clean out and in my head she was cheering me on.

Next, with the clothes I wanted to keep, I followed the rule of making things visible in drawers. I grew up with an armoire, so I have struggled figuring out how to make my drawers work. I feel like things get hidden and forgotten. I liked the idea of making things visible, so I don't forget about them. Seemed to work well:

I filled an outdoor garbage bag with donations. Felt kind of like getting a load off and clearing way for new work clothes...I seriously had held on to clothes I bought when I first started. Time to move on. Now I just need to get that bag to the Goodwill or DAV to make it a successful adventure!

My bed looks much nicer without the massive pile of clothing on it and I'm hoping I can keep our room clean...I hung up my clothes tonight when I put my pajamas on! Sadly that is kind of a big step for me. Now you all need to give it a try and let me know how it goes!

Lots of Love,

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