Sunday, May 3, 2015

Run for the Roses - Kentucky Derby Party!

Yesterday my friend, Lynn, threw a very fun, very Southern derby party and I wanted to share the event with all of you!

For the party, I wanted to fancy up my pink sun hat from JCrew, so I decided to use fresh flowers. I figured they would look pretty and be classy. While at the store, I loved the colors of the hydrangeas and alstroemeria flowers. To go with my dress for the evening, I chose a black and white striped ribbon. It ended up being an easy project and I waited until we were getting ready to put the flowers on. I knew without water the hydrangea would start to get limp.

I crossed the ribbon one on top of the other and then stuck a pin in the middle. For the flowers I cut them down with a little stem left, so I could stick a pin through it. Hide pins with leaves or use pretty pins!

I think it turned out really pretty and it was fun to wear! The wind made things a tad tricky, but I held on tight. My husband looked pretty dashing himself:

When we arrived to the party, we were greeted with this festive entry way:

She also had fun decorations scattered throughout her house, so I had to snap a few pictures. Lynn is an equestrian rider, so she has lots of horse swag! Made for a perfect Kentucky Derby themed party:

Photo via Lynn
Photo via Lynn

Sadly came to the realization that Mint Juleps are not my favorite, but her bar looked good! 
She is also an amazing cook. Seriously, she made every Bourbon recipe known to man and it was all quite tasty! Overall it was a great evening with friends and I loved all of the outfits. One of my favorite sporting events!

Myself, Amy, Lynn (hostess) & Katie
Our dresses were pretty, but my cousins who actually went to the Kentucky Derby win the award for best outfits of the day:

I died laughing when I received this text - so good! Seriously where do you find suits like that?

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