Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Powder Room Makeover Update

I came home from a long day to a wonderfully sanded powder room! I know sounds lame, but it is a big step in the makeover process. After ripping off the wallpaper, we needed to skim coat some parts to smooth things out. That turned into lots of sanding (which is difficult for a husband struggling with allergies!).

I know it doesn't look pretty, but that's coming! When sanding is totally done, I will be able to paint the walls. We figured painting the walls should happen before we put in our pretty new tile. Speaking of which, we purchased tile! Ended up going with something somewhat different from our original choices featured here. While at Menards with my in-laws, we stumbled upon this gorgeous basketweave tile and fell in love...with the look and the price:

Marble Basketweave Polished Stone Tile 
It is currently on sale for $8.99/square foot, which I know is still pricey for tile, but we don't need very much for our bathroom. We figured if we want the marble look, we might as well go for it in the tiniest room of the house! It was actually a great price compared to competitors and I'm definitely glad we shopped around a little bit. Here are some favorite Pinterest examples to show off similar marble floor looks:

Image via Curbly
Image via Decor Pad
So excited to keep working on this project and I will keep you updated along the way! No work on Friday, so I plan on hopefully getting some house projects going!

Lots of Love,

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