Sunday, April 12, 2015

Painting the Wallpaper Chapter One

Last week, after finally getting the paint base color on the walls, I started painting the "wallpaper." The good news is, I love it! The not necessarily bad, but bad news is, I have a million more flowers to go. Thank goodness I'm attempting this project on our teeny tiny powder room! It's been fun thus far (on the 13 flowers I have accomplished...) and I find painting relaxing. Definitely making a commitment to this house by putting hours (ok, it will take many days) of work into painting little flowers all over the walls. Which, is probably a good thing because on mornings like today's when our shower knobs stop working, I'll need a firm commitment.

Check out the progress I've made in the past few days:

First night - did the test run to make sure I one, could paint the flowers and two, liked them.

Then another night I added a few more...

And yesterday I got a few more done before our weekend guests got into town...

Photos via me
Today I wanted to get that top part done, but I may have had one (or multiple) drinks too many last night with Dustin's brothers - it's been a painfully slow and lazy day. Hopefully, a couple nights this week I can get more painting in. Definitely a good way to come home and clear my mind from work. Since we have a busy social calendar the next couple weeks, this "little" undertaking is probably going to take a month or so, but I'm really excited about it. Plus, the powder room probably needs essentials like a toilet, sink and oh, a floor! One day it will be done...

Lots of Love,

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