Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Ideas

Everyone loves a good Cinco de Mayo fiesta, and even though we usually end up just eating some guac and drinking margs out of our awesome Dollar Tree cactus glasses (see below), it's always a great time. Last year Dustin even wore a fake mustache to dinner! I wanted to pull some of my favorite ideas together in case you are playing hostess.

First things first, you need some fabulous party favors! Check out our fun Tiny Boxes of Fiesta Character!

Last summer, we had a fun family fiesta and my margarita glasses I scored for $1 a piece are always a hit - I saw them at our local Dollar Tree last week! The other fun cups are Oh Joy! for Target and dishes are MacKenzie Child's.
Love this $5 set of printables from happythought - check it out because the pack comes with a lot!

I love the simplicity of this pink and orange table - the pink marg salt is the best part!
If you feel like getting crafty this weekend, these mini cactus pinatas from Oh Happy Day are adorable!
If the thought of handmade pinatas scares you, these cactus balloons are equally fun!
Time to fiesta! Checking out these fun ideas makes me want to buy some cactus balloons and have a mini party on my back patio...

Just for the festive spirit, here's a lovely college throw back picture to Dustin and I dressing up (he's a Mexican soccer player and I'm rocking the moo moo my cousin gave me for her wedding):

Lots of Love,

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