Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Broken Hearth

Remember in the last post where I mentioned our current ridiculous ambition? Well along with the other projects you've been following, we added the fireplace hearth to our list. We love the new marble basketweave tile so much, we decided it should also be displayed where everyone can see, not just the guests lucky enough to use the guest bathroom - which, guests, you better use after all this work! Since Menard's has the tile on sale, we decided to buy enough to do our hearth as well. Here is another picture to jog your memory...

Details on our tile purchase can be found here.
Our hearth currently has very dull, ugly, brown tile that I have hated since we moved in. In case you haven't caught on, I've gotten rid of a lot of brown in this house.

It's even cracked in multiple places. Time to go! Which, my husband apparently took very seriously because he went to town on that tile with a sledge hammer...all gone!

Lucky for me and my blog readers, I snapped some pictures when I was taking the kitchen island pictures. Literally, I came up here to write the island post and I started hearing loud banging noises. He has to be reminded that I need the BEFORE pictures. I seriously should go around the house now and take pictures of everything I want to redo!

We need to pour a little concrete on it to smooth things out and decided we should replace the wood edges (since the hammer might have slipped a couple times...). He is hoping it can be a place to practice tiling a normal, rectangle shape before conquering the bathroom. Like always, I will keep you all posted!

Side note, please keep our cute, little Teddy in your thoughts and prayers. He dislocated his knee and twisted some tendons, so he will have to have knee surgery next week :(

Lots of Love,

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