Monday, February 9, 2015

Wedding Week 2015: The Invitation

Welcome to Wedding Week 2015! I'm excited for what this week has in store and I'm starting off right, by inviting you to join in with some gorgeous invitations! An invitation is a great way to define the style of your wedding and show off some character. They can definitely become overwhelming though if you let them. I say stick to what you love! What invitation would you love getting in the mail? What invitation would someone see and think oh this must be yours? What invitation goes along with your wedding theme? Then from there you need to decide how much you would like to spend and if you want to print your own or have them printed by the company.

Below I picked 20 invitations that caught my eye while scanning the internet. There are some amazingly gorgeous options out there brides! I know everyone has a different budget, so these invites range from expensive to free (yes, there are fun free invitations out there!). If you recall from last year's wedding week, I painted my own to save money and put a little touch of my own character to our wedding. If you are artistic or have a good friend that is, this is great option. Check out the below and see if you find any that scream you (there are a lot so it helps to click & enlarge!):

1. Laser Cut Lace Invitation  2. Chalkboard Invitation 3. Gold Foil Rustic Wreath Invitation 4. Blooming Border Invitation 5. Gilded Monogram Invitation 6. Oscar de la Renta Botanical Dot Invitation 7. Always Invitation 8. Floral Canopy Foil Invitation 9. Kate Spade Rose Bed Invitation 10. Garland Invitation 11. Tropical Coral Invitation 12. Mollie Invitation 13. Gold Vintage Invitation 14. Watercolor Invitation 15. Best Day Ever Invitation 16. Ocean Blue Invitation  17. Mint Vintage Invitation 18. Rustic Wedding Invitation 19. Blush & Charcoal Invitation 20. Chalkboard II Invitation
I would love to put any of those up on my fridge! I tried to put lots of different styles from different designers and websites out there, so even if these don't say you, you can continue searching the sources. Also, don't think that you can't have amazing invitations on a budget. The Etsy printable options are ~$25 and then you just have to either brave printing at home or taking them somewhere to get printed. You don't have to spend four figures to have beautiful invitations. You can (that #11 is dreamy!), but you can also spend that money elsewhere. All up to you bride-to-be!

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