Sunday, February 8, 2015

Quick Makeover: Mom's Pantry

Most kitchens have a pantry of some sorts - small, big, organized, disorganized, etc. Recently, my mom decided her little pantry needed a makeover. She spent a Sunday afternoon cleaning it out, giving it a fresh coat of paint and then went on a mission to find cute containers for it. It turned out so cute!

Pantry Makeover:

Adorable spice containers - TJ Maxx
Clear air tight seal containers - TJ Maxx | Black & White containers - MacKenzie Child's

Photos via me
She got the idea from scrolling through Pinterest and stumbling upon this inspiration:

Obviously that pantry is a million times bigger than my mom's, but I love how she took something Pinterest fancy and made it work for her tiny pantry. I love sharing ideas that are realistic for the majority of people, so I was happy that she let me share!

Lots of Love,

PS: Wedding Week starts tomorrow! Check back this week for fun ideas to make your wedding full of character...

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