Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Year, New Resolutions

Sorry for the delay in posts the past week. I've been fighting that dang flu/cold thing, busy at work and busy working on my side gig. To kick the year off right, I felt like I needed to solidify my 2015 resolutions and what better way than to do it with my favorite Pinterest pins...

1. Throw kindness around like confetti...a must! Not only do I love this because I make confetti pops, I love it because it's such a simple way to think about doing good deeds. This year I want to make some impacts, they can be small bits here and there, but need to be something. I have some ideas and if there are ways you can help out, I'll let you know! Maybe I'll give confetti pops as rewards...haha, could be fun!

The Motivated Type Etsy Shop - I should consider buying this and hanging it in my office!
2. Don't quit your daydream and doing what I love...working on it! I absolutely love these pins because they really touch my heart. As a creative person, I have a yearning for doing crafty, creative and beautiful things all the time. A year+ ago I started this blog, so I could have some kind of outlet. It has turned my world upside down. It is a place where I can spill my creative thoughts and have motivation to get something I promised done (okay, the powder room is still a W.I.P., but that's not because I don't want to work on it!). From here, I have pushed myself into making my day dreams of owning a business where I can spread my creative spirit a reality. This year, I'm making it happen. Like I have hinted for the past month or so, I am finally putting together an online store to share bits of character with shoppers who love unique, creative pieces! It is almost put together and I'm seriously giddy with excitement for my side adventure. I'm also pumped because my Aunt Mary has agreed to live this day dream with me...we are so making this happen this year!

3. Fewer, better things...sounds like beautiful common sense. This Christmas I opened up a gorgeous leather tote that I've been wanting for months - thanks mom! - and the box said these glorious words, "Fewer, better things." I feel in love with the idea. My mom was probably over there thinking, "Girl, I've been telling you this for years!" She should have known to wrap a purse in it to get my attention! I know I need to go through my house and clean things out. I'm not as bad as my husband who thinks there is future use for everything (seriously, I love you, but you spray painted a file folder and convinced me it could hold your books), but I know I get weird with throwing out clothes and craft materials...attachment issues. I need to go through my closet and take out anything I am somewhat uncomfortable wearing. I need to clean out my craft drawers and throw out anything I haven't used in 2+ years. I would rather have a house full of a few gorgeous pieces then some eh, it fills space pieces. I think I can make some of this clean out fall in line with numero uno - there are people that would love some things I need to let go of. Thinking that always helps the process along.

Backup resolution: Sometimes you just have to put on lip gloss and pretend to be psyched...got it. There are going to be days were it is so cold I can't imagine getting out of bed (hm, today), but I need to get up, get dressed and hurry up to work. There are going to be days were my house is a disaster and I don't know where to start. There will be days where I'm exhausted from juggling ten million things, but have one more to do. I need pretty lip gloss. End of story.

New resolution - buy lip gloss! Just kidding....I should do that along with the original three.

Anyone else have any motivating and/or fun resolutions for the new year?!

Lots of Love,

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