Sunday, January 18, 2015

Happy Launch Day!

Morning sunshines! It is officially website launch day and I'm so giddy with excitement. The website is out there and ready for your orders. I hope you stumble upon something that makes you smile and you want for yourself or someone you know! You can click on the "Shop" tab above for a quick shortcut over to the store.

One of my favorite new things for the Love of Character shop is the Valentine Box! Plus, there is one out there for your single & fabulous friends, comes with a boyfriend and all! If you are wanting a fun little something for a friend, daughter, cousin, etc., head over to the shop and send one their way...

Little Box of Valentine Character

Little Box of Single & Fabulous Character
I also have some new hair accessories added to the collection - don't forget to sign up for the hair tie raffle! Today is the last day!

Outside of all of the fun pieces that I have put together for the shop, I have some amazing pieces coming from my creative Aunt Mary: journals, notepads & guestbooks! You'll want one to brighten up your desk. In other exciting news, I have been working with other fellow Etsy artists on some wholesale deals and I should have some adorable greeting cards and art prints added to the shop in the next few weeks - so excited for these!

By the way for local friends shopping on the website - if you are local in Wichita, KS and would like to arrange a pickup for your order, contact us after you make your order and we can try to set something up. Shipping costs will then be returned. Added that to the shop policies today because I know some of you would be happy to just pick up your order directly from me.

I really just want to add some character to your everyday life and help you find unique gifts that can make someone smile. You will have to continually check back (hint: sign up for e-mails!) to see all of the fun items we will be adding to the shop. Any requests? Let me know! Also, hope you like the new look of the blog. It's a work in progress, but I wanted some coordination between the shop and the blog! Thank you to all of my followers, friends and family who encouraged, edited and believed in me! Special shout out to my business partner, Aunt Mary! Wouldn't be following my resolution without ya'll's support...

Happy launch day!!!

Lots of Love,


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