Saturday, January 31, 2015

Need a Mail Easy Gift Idea?

Do you ever want to send your friends or family a little something in the mail for their birthday, a congrats or a just because? It can be hard to find something that is cute and fits in an envelope (that isn't a gift card). Well, I'm here to share my favorite and help you send them!

Viola! How fun would it be to get some cute hair ties and an adorable card by Make Things Co. in your mailbox? Need to send a congrats to a friend that just got engaged?

The newly posted "You're Tying the Knot!" hair tie pack plus a Cheers! card by Make Things Co. would be a great little congrats.

To make things even easier on your, I can put it all together! If you purchase a pack of hair ties and a greeting card, I will put them together, write your greeting and ship it off to your recipient. Also, for a limited time, I will even pay for your shipping! Use the code PKGDEAL & the $2 shipping cost will be waived. When you check out, make sure to fill out the gift options section on the cart page - it will send me your greeting to put in the card.

Obviously, I will use my best handwriting and make the envelope adorable, I promise! Now think of someone you want to send snail mail to and get to ordering!

Lots of Love,

Monday, January 26, 2015

Busy Bee

The weekend flew by, but it was a good one! We had family visit from Omaha and we got baby Leni out to help us cheer for the Jayhawks - she clapped whenever we got adorable! I also got to work on more for the shop. Restocked the "Glamour Pack" hair ties since they were a fan fav, shipped out a couple items and tried to plan out the next few weeks. I also had fun putting together Baby Tie hair packs - you can see them below, modeled by my cousin's adorable toddler, Addie (who is going to be a big sister tomorrow!). More to come in the shop this week - hopefully Paper Goods will be filled up with pretty finds by end of week!

My weekend in pictures...

My Cuyana tote has been packed with Love of Character craziness the past couple of weeks - loving it! It is perfect for keeping things simple and carrying everything around from products to my planner.
New Baby Ties added to the website! There are limited quantities, so snatch them up quickly!

Finally bought a cute umbrella for the antique umbrella stand we found in Boulder last summer - that only took over 6 months haha! Luckily I scored it on sale at Target and it has frilly ruffles on the edge - love!
KU's cutest fan on Saturday! Baby Leni came to hangout with her cousins - she's the best!
My favorite shoes when I'm needing a smile! Unfortunately, C Wonder has closed up shop, but doing a quick search on eBay for C Wonder Smoking Slippers can help you find your own fun pair!

Happy Monday - here's to another busy week!

Lots of Love,

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Adding Character to a Laundry Room

My wonderful friend Grace from Singapore and I have been messaging about her cute new little abode lately, and she is having a hard time with her bland laundry room. I started giving her some ideas and then decided visuals are always the most helpful. For some inspiration, I put together a little guide to adding character to a little laundry room:

To start, you are the one stuck in your laundry room doing a chore, why not make it cheery and fun!

1. Quirky Lighting - This is a great place to play with affordable, yet fun lighting. IKEA is great for this: KNAPPA Pendant Lamp $25 | JONOSFAR Pendant Lamp $15

2. Funky Storage Pieces - Needed for your laundry supplies, sorting laundry and dry cleaning. These metal baskets from H&M home are fabulous. $20

3. Paint or Temp Wallpaper - Add some color or patterns to your room! Why not, it should be a space to play with fun colors and mix it up. I'm definitely considering doing some fun temp paper in ours and Etsy is a great place to find it: AccentuWall Blue Chevron Lines $35/strip

4. Fun Laundry Baskets - I love the graphic black and white stripe of this H&M laundry basket. Plus, I like that it seems easy to carry around when picking up laundry. $15

5. Vibrant Rug - Rugs are a perfect way to add a pop of color to your laundry room. This colorful rug from Urban Outfitters will do just the trick! $19-44

Everything above is a great price (with the exception of that fab navy washer & dryer set!), so giving your laundry room a little character can happen for under $200. I'm thinking about getting some of these pieces for ours! I think you could make this transformation in a morning if you start with a good Starbucks.

Lots of Love,

Monday, January 19, 2015

Office Chair Makeover

Working on the website, I have been in our office a lot. While at the computer, I have realized that our cute, gold office chairs are not the most comfortable things in the world. They were fine for recreational computer use, but not for constant work use. I wanted to find an alternative, but cute office chairs can be so expensive. Not wanting to pay hundreds, I put it off. That is, until I was strolling through Target yesterday and stumbled upon a find:

Target Room Essentials Grey Linen Office Chair
I liked the grey upholstery, but it was still lacking a little something to work in our office. You probably guessed! Being only $69.99, I thought I'd give this baby a whirl and spray paint the legs gold. It was extremely simple and I love how it turned out.

As always, I use my favorite gold spray paint:

Rust-Oleum Metallic Gold

Only two pieces to spray paint!
I love how it turned out and it matches the other gold accents in our office:

Photos via me

Had to get a picture in with Teddy (he's extremely furry at the moment)! Now we can work on the computer a little more comfortably - good ergonomic thinking! I love what a can of $4 spray paint can do.

Lots of Love,

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Happy Launch Day!

Morning sunshines! It is officially website launch day and I'm so giddy with excitement. The website is out there and ready for your orders. I hope you stumble upon something that makes you smile and you want for yourself or someone you know! You can click on the "Shop" tab above for a quick shortcut over to the store.

One of my favorite new things for the Love of Character shop is the Valentine Box! Plus, there is one out there for your single & fabulous friends, comes with a boyfriend and all! If you are wanting a fun little something for a friend, daughter, cousin, etc., head over to the shop and send one their way...

Little Box of Valentine Character

Little Box of Single & Fabulous Character
I also have some new hair accessories added to the collection - don't forget to sign up for the hair tie raffle! Today is the last day!

Outside of all of the fun pieces that I have put together for the shop, I have some amazing pieces coming from my creative Aunt Mary: journals, notepads & guestbooks! You'll want one to brighten up your desk. In other exciting news, I have been working with other fellow Etsy artists on some wholesale deals and I should have some adorable greeting cards and art prints added to the shop in the next few weeks - so excited for these!

By the way for local friends shopping on the website - if you are local in Wichita, KS and would like to arrange a pickup for your order, contact us after you make your order and we can try to set something up. Shipping costs will then be returned. Added that to the shop policies today because I know some of you would be happy to just pick up your order directly from me.

I really just want to add some character to your everyday life and help you find unique gifts that can make someone smile. You will have to continually check back (hint: sign up for e-mails!) to see all of the fun items we will be adding to the shop. Any requests? Let me know! Also, hope you like the new look of the blog. It's a work in progress, but I wanted some coordination between the shop and the blog! Thank you to all of my followers, friends and family who encouraged, edited and believed in me! Special shout out to my business partner, Aunt Mary! Wouldn't be following my resolution without ya'll's support...

Happy launch day!!!

Lots of Love,

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Launch Week Giveaway!

Yesterday I shared the big news about the online shop opening up this weekend and I can't thank you enough for the great response! I'm so excited to have you all on my side for this little adventure.

To preview the next shop section and to celebrate launch week, I'm giving away a pack of Love of Character Hair Ties! Below are some of the packs and you can enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. You can simply click to enter for a "free" entry and you can also do the other fun options for extra entries. The winner will be picked end of day on Sunday! Please share with friends and family, so they can learn more about the site.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Lots of Love,

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Online Shop Launch Week!

I am very excited to announce that I am launching the Love of Character online store website this weekend - ah! I'm so so excited about it and need as much support as I can get to make this launch successful. In preparation, I will give you all a couple sneak peeks before this Sunday, the official launch day!

Back in my Hello 2015! post I gave you a sneak peek at the LOC logo. I really hope you like it because I've started to put it on everything! I drew the logo picture as a representation of my Little Box of Character, one of my main inspirations to get this business going. The balloons and confetti add to the spirit of the brand. Love of Character is here to bring some character to everyday life!

The other exciting news I have to share about the business: my Aunt Mary has joined in on the fun! You all got a sneak peak into her creative mind back in November when I showed you a peak into her craft room. She is currently in that craft room working on fun products for our paper goods section, which will be available later this month! So very excited to have her by my side, she is truly an inspiration and a motivator!

As for the website, I'm going to have a few different product categories. Today I'll share a sneak peek of the Little Box of Character category with you. Sharing four very different ones just to give you a taste! I'm very excited about the boxes and there are always more ideas in the works.

1. Little Box of Engaged Character - Bottle Koozies edition
2. Little Box of Bachelorette Character
3. Little Box of Girl Character
4. Little Box of Boy Character

Visit this Sunday (January 18th) to see the rest! Thanks in advance for all of your love and cheers - couldn't do it without you!

Lots of Love,

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Back to the Bathroom

Back in November, I told you that we started project powder room - November. Sad thing is when I searched my blog for the powder room inspiration post, I realized it was written many months ago. I promise we are going to get this thing done soon! We hit a few hiccups that were a little discouraging and un-motivating. Removing the wallpaper wasn't good enough, the walls were really patchy, so we had to skim them. Then sand them down; my husband was not such a big fan of that part. Luckily he purchased a huge shop vac on black Friday that easily cleaned up the mess. When he decided to tackle the sink removal one night, let's just say he needed saving and a lot of towels were used. Sometimes old houses are frustrating.

With that said, we are on the uptick and now that everything is out we can really get to work making this a super cute powder room with old house character! Today, I convinced my mom to hit up Home Depot with me to check out floor tile. Oh yeah, I made the decision that I want to rip out the floor...I mean if everything is out, it's now or never. Plus the little white squares that someone put in years ago aren't lined up and it makes me crazy. I was so excited by the options I found at Home Depot! They had exactly what I was wanting to see and at good price points.

1. Ceramic B&W 2. Marble B&W 3. Marble Hexagon

I think the second one is probably my favorite because I love that it's not solid white, adds a little more detail. With that said, it's hard not to just go with the option that is 1/4th of the price. It's pretty and fits the style of our house. I will say though if I want to put marble tile somewhere, I should probably put it in the tiny bathroom so I don't have to buy as much! The hexagon is really pretty too if we decide the black and white is too busy for the small space. I also want to get opinions from people who know more about tile because I want something that will last. It won't get everyday use, but it will be a staple for guests. It's a good thing that I found great options, but I just don't know what to go with!

Now I need to figure out how to convince my friend's husband to help us with this adventure since we know nothing about laying tile...

Lots of Love,

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Party Crashing - Lille's Frozen Birthday!

Does it get any better than a little princess having her dream birthday party? I think not! My cousin, Lacy, threw a fantastic Frozen themed party for her fabulous daughter, Lillie. This girl is a die hard Frozen fan and with the help of A Child's Dream Entertainment, she was able to live a princess dream! They are a princess and character party service out of Phoenix, AZ that helps bring your child's party to the next level. They come in as your requested character/s - cue the screams - and entertain your party guests. Lacy said the girls were in heaven singing songs, listening to stories and playing with their favorite Frozen princesses. The fact that all the little girls are decked out in princess costumes makes me smile...

Check out those braid wigs!
Lacy had everything from the invitations to the snacks to the water bottles decked out with Frozen. She did such a fabulous job and always thinks of everything. Invitations were purchased from Etsy and Lacy put all of the snacks and refreshments together. She asked me to make Frozen hair ties as the girls' party favors and they turned out so cute with the little tags she added! I loved having a little part of this little bash.

Photos via Lacy
Thank you Lacy for sharing these adorable pictures with us! If you are in the Phoenix area, you should definitely look into A Child's Dream Entertainment, and if you are getting ready to through a Frozen party of your own, you should definitely use some of these ideas!

Lots of Love,