Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Powder Room Sans Wallpaper

If you can recall, a couple months ago I told you that we needed to get working on our downstairs powder room (and by a couple months ago, I mean 5). Well folks, we are finally at a place where we are ready to conquer the task. In the past couple of weeks, Dustin accomplished the hard and tedious task of removing the old wallpaper. Since it's a tiny space there wasn't a lot, but maneuvering around the small room made it difficult. Luckily, we had needed to remove the toilet, so that wasn't taking up space. To complete the job, he tried out a wallpaper remover: WP Chomp.

He said the product was easy to use and effective. It was great for taking off the (very, very old) glue underneath the wallpaper. Sounds like a great find to me - love when you stumble upon a useful household product!

The bathroom looks a little sad without the wallpaper and is screaming for some color:

Really attractive.....
This weekend we both in town and don't have much going on, so I decided it would be a good weekend to keep this project going. As luck would have it, Sherwin Williams felt the same way:

If you have an upcoming project, now is your time to stock up on the paint! They told me once that you can even go in and buy the paint unmixed at 40%, then bring it back in later when you've decided on the color for mixing. We should probably stock up on white paint for our woodwork - going to be a needed future project.

What's my final decision on inspiration for the tiny bathroom? Rifle Paper Co.'s gorgeous Peonies Wallpaper:

Now before you get excited and confused thinking we are putting in the real wallpaper, we aren't. 1. I couldn't convince my husband to spend that much on wallpaper (work in progress) 2. neither of use know how to wallpaper and 3. Dustin proclaimed that he hates wallpaper after spending hours tearing it down. So, how am I going to work in this inspiration? To start, I love the orangey, coral color for the main color. It will look really pretty with this antique gold light pendant we purchased for the room. Next, I'm going to try (this could fail, so don't get disappointed) to paint a similar pattern on the walls. I need to make a sample board when we purchase the paint to make sure it's something I think I can conquer. It's going to take some time, but the room is the perfect size to attempt something like this. I will mess around with the type of flowers to do, but I love the colors. Fingers crossed! I will keep you posted throughout the weekend. There is going to be a lot of sanding and cleaning up to do before we can even think about painting.

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