Saturday, November 29, 2014

LOC Stocking Stuffers 2014!

Not sure what to fill stockings with this year? Here are some of my favorite finds that are practical, fun and pretty...

1. If you have someone that is wanting to redo a dresser or cabinets, a stocking a fun place to put the knobs they've been dreaming about, but can't afford. Zara Home - Knobs

2. Diane Von Furstenburg is one of my fashion icons and I really hope someone puts The Woman I Wanted to be in my stocking this year! She has led quite the life and is truly an inspiration.

3. Everyone loves a fun wine stopper and I look how pretty these Safari Bottle Stoppers from C Wonder are!

4.|5. Surprise, surprise, I have Rifle Paper Co. options in here. Their pocket notebooks and floral coasters are gorgeous pops of color for any stocking.

6. Gloves that are texting friendly are the best! When they are as cute as these Kate Spade Bow Gloves, they are perfect for a stocking!

7. Marc Jacobs is a favorite designer of mine and when I saw these Kiss Pop Lip Color Sticks, I decided this would be my stocking lip choice for the year.

8. I know it's a personal plug, but I really do think the Love of Character Hair Ties would make a great item to throw in a stocking! You can do the fun Christmas edition or one of the other great packs. Details below.

9. I love the Kate Spade Planners and this year I'm craving this small green one! I need to get my schedule more organized and I love that she has smaller sizes that are more purse friendly this year.

Don't forget that a lot of these websites are having sales - check out  my post from yesterday to see the list.

Also, it's Small Business Saturday, so make sure you are getting out and supporting the small businesses in your area this season - here are a few of my favorites that come to mind:
The Pink Saloon
The Little House - Kansas City
Bloom - Lawrence

I also love any support you have for my small (ok, tiny!) business. If you are interested in any hair ties for stockings, here are my current selections:

E-mail me at or Facebook message me!

I am also going to work on fun Little Boxes of Christmas Character today and will post about them next week!

Lots of Love,

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