Sunday, November 2, 2014

Happy Halloween! 2014

Well the annual Halloween Party at the Billings' household has come and gone! It was especially fun this year because it was on a Friday night and I wasn't recovering from the flu - usually a plus! We went all out with decorations and had fun using all of the fun items we accumulated in sales last year. Dustin was in charge of the outdoor decor and I, the inside. I took a million pictures, so I'm going to let them do the talking:

Stick pretzel sticks into mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cups to make witch's brooms - easy & tasty!
Easy cheese ball that looks like a cute pumpkin - perfect for fall! Click here for the recipe.

Our first couple bowls that lasted us maybe 30 minutes - we seriously go through ~800+ pieces of candy a year!

Dustin made this awesome ghost out of chicken wire and we had a strobe light flickering in front of it all night.


In the kitchen we served Dustin's famous chili, his mom's delicious brownies and some warm apple cider that was spiked with caramel vodka - so good! It was such a fun night and I think everyone had a great time. People were dressed up and got into the spooky spirit of the evening. We had tons of trick-or-treaters and I loved seeing all of the costumes. Lots of "muscular" superheroes and Frozen princesses. In our house we had some fun:

Little German Family! I think Teddy is still mad at us...
My totally rad hippie in-laws
How awesome are these costumes! I was very impressed with the Lego Man costumes my brother and his friend, Andy, put together! The used boxes for the bodies, yellow poster board for the heads (which made drinking & eating difficult haha) and wore rubber gloves for their hands. So creative!
Hope you all had a character filled Halloween as well! It's one of my favorite holidays and thank you to everyone that came out to help us celebrate!

Lots of Love,

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