Thursday, November 6, 2014

Glitter It Up! Bridal Brunch Invites

I can't believe it has taken me this long to share these with you. Last month, my wonderful friend, Megan, got married and my mother helped host her Bridal Brunch. She roped me in to help with the invitations and we had so much fun picking them out. Wedding Paper Divas has great designs for an event like this. There are so many fun, glamorous and chic options that you can find a style that fits your bride. Megan's wedding colors were pink and gold, so when we found these we thought they were perfect. A toned down version of pink and gold with a feminine bridal bunch touch:

We of course had to line the envelopes with some fun pink paper - liner makes the envelope so fancy! To add some more character to the invitations, we used fun Stardust pens that my Aunt Mary told me to purchase. It is basically a clear glitter pen that you can use to snazz up an invite, picture, card, etc. They worked great! We filled in the word "Brunch" with glitter and it was a great settle shimmer. Hard to capture in a photo, but trust me it's fabulous!

To address the envelopes I tried out embossing and we loved how they turned out!

The gold added a chic touch to the invite and tied the envelope in with the theme. Plus, I was able to try out the embossing pen. A lot of work to address that many invitations, but it's worth it if you are looking for a statement piece of mail.

At the actual Brunch, my mom was also in charge of the drinks. Don't worry we glittered up those too! Cheers!

Lots of Love,

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