Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Craft Room Sneak: Aunt Mary's!

This past weekend I journeyed down to Florida to meet my cousin's new baby Beau - so cute! He is such a good baby and I might be biased, but he is seriously one of the cutest baby boys around:

I stayed at my Aunt Mary's house and like usual, night one we were in her craft room checking things out. She has quite the craft room and has recently added some amazing peg boards, similar to the one in Baby Beau's nursery. The are so fun and add another element of character to her fun and inspiring room. Plus, they are useful when trying to find tools! Check them out and the rest of her fun room:

The baskets and hooks on the peg boards make for great storage - she organized by activity and is able to easily grab what she needs - pretty and organizational!
She made a cute bench after I posted about the one in our guestroom - I'm obsessed with her fabric choice! You can check out the how to instructions here.
Whole corner is adorable and the green flower knobs are a great pop of character.
The colors and shapes of her peg boards are amazing. She has a framing/artist lady that helped her - jealous!
On the other side of the room she has all of her paper and ribbon storage - she has quite the collection! It is so fun to go through when I'm there and I love receiving packages from her!
I also love this board - she took a cookie sheet, covered in gorgeous paper and viola! magnetic board!
I am so jealous of her craft room and all that she has stored away in there - seriously she is like an in home craft store! There is probably a reason I was named after her...

Lots of Love,

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