Sunday, October 12, 2014

Start the Spooks!

I don't know about you, but I'm starting to feel the itch for Halloween! It might be the fact that we got some pumpkins or the fact that my husband is dying to put out our decorations...I told him to wait one more week...but Halloween is coming up and we have to get ready! This weekend I worked on the invitations to our annual Halloween party. My aunt recently showed me how to use embossing powder, so I decided to be creative and make homemade invitations. They are simple, but I love that about them. To show them off to you, I put together a little scene using the fun (and cheap!) decorations I scored in the Dollar Spot section of Target and from Dollar Tree.

The invitation is printed on paper (A6 Persimmon) from Paper Source. I also got black envelopes (A6) to go with them and used a white pen to write the addresses. I think they turned out fun and I'm excited to mail them out this week! Sorry for the spoil before you receive them - I was too excited.

My favorite find is the shiny pumpkin - they are battery operated and light up. I was also excited about the battery operated tea lights because they are safer to use in your outdoor pumpkins - plus the Kansas winds won't blow them out! The spider web runner will be fun to put on tables and the glitter spiders are fun to have crawling all over. The witch hat was a DIY tonight:

Photos via me
I found the hat form while wondering around Michael's tonight. They seemed like a fun table decoration, so I decided to buy a few to try different decorating ideas. Close by was glitter washi tape on sale for 99 cents! I thought it could make a fun, sparkly hat and I think it turned out to be just that! It took one episode of Scandal to make it, so just get your materials, sit down to your favorite show and start covering the hat form with strips of washi tape. I did one round all the way around then kept layering the tape on. You can also make fun patterns by going diagonal, straight across or cut the tape into small pieces. I'll keep you all posted on what I decide to do with the other two hats!

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