Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Happy Birthday Mom!

Survived the big wedding weekend of one of my dearest friends and had so much fun - Congrats Megan & Leo! Had such a great time, but on to the next big event for the month, my mother's birthday! My brother and I decided to get ambitious and invite her and my grandma over for dinner. I was in the mood to set a fun table with my china and my brother had yet to show me his cooking skills he learned from his last job. I found a tasty looking recipe on Pinterest, hit up the grocery store - that's big for me - and away we went:

Had so much fun setting my table with our china! Check out this old post for the details.
Used lots of my fun MacKenzie Child's pieces and I loved the idea of putting this fun cake dome from Social Manor over the flowers (I think you should probably remove after your dinner to give them air!).

My dining room looked so fun, especially with our quirky IKEA light  - see details here.
Had to make my mom a Little Box of Birthday Character! Plus, Mikey got her the gorgeous fall bouquet from Whole Foods - $9.99!

For dinner we started with a baked brie appetizer that I picked up from Fresh Market - you can get a take and bake brie for $10.99 that is delicious and so easy! You just need to call a day early for them to prepare (or start of the day). For the main course, we made a delicious homemade asparagus pesto shrimp pasta - you can find the recipe here! Then for dessert, my grandma brought some adorable desserts she picked up from Fresh Market. The dishes all looked gorgeous on my favorite Annie Glass pieces!

Dinner was delicious and I could not have done it without the help from my little brother. We made quite the team. Now, every birthday party needs a present and I was quite excited to give my mom hers! Dustin and I decided to get her tickets for the Fleetwood Mac concert that went on sale yesterday. Since I didn't have the tickets yet, my brilliant husband gave me the idea to use a fake concert ticket generator to make her some fun birthday ones. Such a cute way to give someone tickets for their present:

You can put fun sayings and I used her birthday for the seat details. Printing them on pink paper added a fun pop of color.
In her Little Box of Character I decided to go with the rocker theme since I was giving her tickets. I got her the Fleetwood Mac greatest hits CD, added some fun glasses and put in a bottle of champagne.
This week I can show you the birthday card details - I went the homemade route! It was such a fun night and I think the birthday girl had a great time, which is what matters the most.

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Lots of Love,

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