Friday, October 3, 2014

Countdown Christmas Wreath

This year for Holiday Galleria I decided to donate a wreath to the wreath silent auction and wanted to do something fun and different. I thought through a lot of ideas and before I knew it, it was the Sunday before the big weekend. Crunch time! I decided to go with my countdown present idea and I'm so glad I did:

I fount those cute little goody bags and they were the perfect size. I then used a gold leaf paint pen to write the dates. It was really fun coming up with the cute goodies to put inside the bags. I got the inspiration from the countdown presents my Aunt Mary used to send me every year while I was in college - every year! My friends would be so jealous because I got to open up a cute gift every day. Loved it! I figured someone can buy this wreath for their daughter whose off at school or at home - seriously the gifts really work for a girl at any age. There are lots of hair ties & headbands (of course!), bracelets and little beauty finds. I also found some cute crafty things like mini gel pens and washi tape. And lastly, I threw in some mints and gum because those are great to stock up on. They are little things that can brighten your day - everyone loves a little present!

Tonight at Premiere Party, I was so excited to see my wreath hanging up on the wall. I also found The Plaid Giraffe's gorgeous wreath - love it!

Get down to Holiday Galleria, so you can put your bids in on some great wreaths - there are lots of fun ones. Also, get down there and do some shopping - my hair ties are at booth 84 Milk + Honey Candles & Optimistic Elephant booth! I finished up the headbands last night and they turned out really cute:

Photos via me
Happy Shopping! Good work to all of my gorgeous, fabulous friends who helped put the whole thing together!

Lots of Love,

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