Monday, September 29, 2014

Big News: Love of Character Hair Ties!

I'm so very excited to share my big news with you all! Sorry for the delay, my husband surprised me with a wonderful anniversary weekend (One Year - Woohoo!). Now that I'm back and have confirmed some details, I can tell you all one of my big business announcements: I will be selling my fabulous knotted hair ties at JLW's Holiday Galleria this coming weekend! The wonderful ladies of Milk + Honey Candles and Optimistic Elephant let me crash their booth and are going to be selling my hair ties. They have great items to sell, so I'm thrilled they let me join in.

Knotted hair ties are my favorite to pull up my hair and also to rock on my wrist - most of the time people think I'm wearing a great bracelet. I loved the idea of putting together my own combinations, and when I stumbled upon some gorgeous elastic, I decided now was the time to get this little side gig going. They are also perfect for my Little Box of Character business. I think I have some really fun packs of hair ties and I hope you agree - come purchase some! The packs include:

Starting from top left: Halloween Pack | Holiday Pack | Pineapple Pack | Lemon Twist Pack
Bottom from the left: Dance Pack | Princess Pack | Glamour Pack
You need to come check out the booth for the other items as well! Milk + Honey Candle Company has amazing smelling candles - I have one I burn in my bathroom when guests come over. Optimistic Elephant has great yoga items. I am in need of a new yoga mat, so I'm excited to check out what she will be offering. Thanks again ladies for letting me join in on the fun!

Photo via Milk + Honey Candle Company

Photo via Optimistic Elephant Facebook page
Now that I've told you what you can find at the booth, you're probably still wondering: "What is Holiday Galleria?" It's a wonderful fundraiser for The Junior League of Wichita, which is focused on the fight against child abuse - your ticket to shop goes towards an amazing cause! Here is the ticket information:

All of the events are wonderful and the general admission is a great way to just come shop! I have a lot of friends that put in a lot of work to make this weekend happen and I am excited to see how it all turns out. With that said, sorry if my posts will be a little M.I.A. this week. I'm extremely busy packaging up hair ties and will be down at HG to help out. Come and visit!

Lots of Love,

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