Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Work Baby Shower

Today, my coworkers and I threw a work shower for our colleague Ian and his wife, Adriele. Work showers can be hard because you are trying to make a conference room look festive. I think we did a pretty good job making the table look cute and did it on a budget, so I wanted to share some ideas! Plus, I had to share the cupcakes my boss's wife, Amy, did - she's incredible. In classic work style, we had to take the pictures with a BlackBerry, so sorry the quality isn't top notch!

Like I said above, the cupcakes were made by Amy and her little toppers were adorable. The cookies, we ordered from Connie's Cookies and the cute chocolate soccer ball goody bags were made by another coworker's wife - Ian & Adriele are just a little obsessed with soccer. Rachel picked up the fun baby boy decorations at The Dollar Tree - yep, got them all for around $10 and that was with lots leftover! The key with a work shower is focusing on a table and working to make that look festive. You also don't want to spend a lot on decorations, so check out places like The Dollar Tree or Target. Spend your money on the treats - that's what your coworkers want! Thanks Hailey, Rachel and Amy for helping pull this thing together!

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