Thursday, August 28, 2014

Olive Box in my Mailbox - August!

Last week I received my Olive Box for the month and I'm excited to share with you all! Sorry I'm a little bit on a lag, but I didn't want to interrupt the bachelorette party I had going on! This month's theme was back to school and it came with some fun pink items...

Spoiler Alert if you haven't gotten  yours yet!

What's in the box!!!

Photos via me
Tada! Fun planner, good inspirational card and a cute pencil pin. I took the weekly planner to work and let me tell you, "Trading Standards Meeting" looks a lot more fun on pink! It is great because it breaks out the days and gives you enough room to write out all of your to dos. The card is gorgeous and I might use it for someone needing some love or frame it - I'm collecting fun girly prints to hang above my dresser. The pencil, I really want to wear one day and see if the guys in my group notice. I feel like a teacher a lot of times, so it could be fitting!

If you haven't checked out Olive Box yet, definitely do! Great for yourself and for a gift - seriously gifts that keep showing up are awesome. Click on the picture below for more info!


Lots of Love (and almost TGIF!),

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