Sunday, August 17, 2014

Let's Get Fancy: Megan's Bachelorette Weekend!

Update: I have opened a new little online shop to sell the bachelorette goody boxes and other items full of character! Click the "Shop" button on the top or click this link

I'm so excited to finally share this party with you all! Over the past few weeks it has been my main project, but I couldn't spoil it for the bachelorette and share early. Since "Fancy" has been such a contagious hit this summer, I decided to make it the theme for the weekend - also helps that Megan was all about getting fancy! Her wedding colors are pink and gold, so those also were incorporated. I struggled at first with trying to come up with ideas on making a hotel room look decorated and have a good party atmosphere. I had some friends recommend Hotel Lumen and it has a great, swanky vibe (plus I scored a good deal by price checking!). I decided to have one of the rooms be the Spectra Suite, which has a king bed and a living room setup with a pull out bed. I was able to use the living room space as our party scene and decorated around that. Per usual, I think pictures do the best explaining, so check them out (warning, there's a lot!):

The "N" looks a little deflated because I got a little excited filling it with air...whoops!

Obviously there is a lot going on and I will be breaking down the details for you all week! I am especially excited to tell you about those little pink boxes because they are a new venture I am working on starting. I think the room looked turned out very FANCY and was full of party character! Special thanks to Sam for helping me set things up and to Emily for baking and getting the fun photo party sunglasses and cups! Also, thank you to all the girls that came out to help Megan celebrate! Happy bachelorette to the future Mrs. Megan Wetta!!!

Photos via me
Coming this week...

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  1. You did an awesome some decorating this weekend! Can't wait to see more pics :)

  2. I love every detail of what you did! Where did you get the pink boxes? I've looked everywhere and can only find them in bulk or really expensive.

    1. So glad you love! You can get filled or just the box on my website If you want just the box no writing, message me.

  3. Just curious- how many girls were you able to host in the suite?

    I am thinking of doing something similar for my sister, I am worried we will be like sardines!

    1. Hi! We had four girls stay in here - there was a king bed and a pull out couch. Then I hosted ~12 girls for the party times (lingerie shower, games, etc.). I think it's good to have about 4 stay per room and I liked having one main room to host the party situations.

    2. Thanks Mary! That is exactly the number I am working with as well. I am glad to hear you could have 12 in the suite and it was OK.

      Thanks for the advice.


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