Thursday, July 17, 2014

Olive Box in my Mailbox - July!

Last month I told you all about my husband's great birthday gift to me, a subscription to Olive Box. Well the July one came and it was fabulous! I was very happy with the surprise and I'm excited to share.

Spoiler Alert if you haven't gotten yours yet! People I have talked to got theirs earlier this week, so I think we are good!

Drum roll please...

Bam! Love it... seriously this book is amazing!
These are a great alternative to fake flowers...can't wait to try making some!

That is just a taste of the book! I am going to start trying to make some for packages, parties and home decor, and of course I will show you all the creations.

I also love the cards that came with the box. They will be really cute framed in the guestroom or perfect for sending some love to a friend!
Photos via me.
Well that is my Olive Box for July and I was very pleased. It was a great surprise to come home to yesterday. The book is a great idea to keep in mind as a present for your crafty friends, plus it is just pretty to look at. It makes a great book for a coffee table or fun book shelf. I keep opening it up and finding new favorites!

Sign up by clicking below to get your very own OliveBox:


Lots of Love,

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