Sunday, July 13, 2014

IKEA Hack - Sputnik Chandelier

A while back I stumbled upon a fabulous blog called Little Green Notebook and she was showing off her new office. I immediately fell in love with her chandelier. When I read that it was an IKEA hack, I was shocked. The IKEA Maskros light is all over Pinterest, and she managed to turn it into something gorgeous. Well, last weekend over the Fourth, we were in Denver and decided to stop in IKEA - massive and intense! After Dustin gave me the green light, I purchased the $50 pendant lamp and decided to try the makeover for myself. It was worth it because we love the results!

Her instructions for making the light (she's done it twice and both look great!): Sea Green Sputnik & White Sputnik

When you open the box, there are of course a million pieces - it's IKEA and expected. I spray painted the "arms" of the light with my favorite gold spray paint: Rust-Oleum Metallic Gold. Didn't take long to do (well shouldn't, except I kept running out of spray paint! Not the best idea to rely on cans that you've used before!) and it takes about one and a half cans to cover.

While those were drying, I had to cut the flowers down. I used a cup with a 2.5" opening to trace the circles. Then I used scissors to cut - I tried slicing with a slicer, but it didn't work as well as I wanted it to. After they are cut, you need to glue the white Le Fleur cups onto them. She recommended Fabri-Tac glue and it was awesome.

The cutting and gluing takes the most time - I seriously thought the flowers were never going to end! There are 84 you have to cut down if you get the smaller Maskros light. After I finished gluing, I convinced my wonderful husband to install the light fixture part of the light - love how IKEA has you add the crazy arms after you install the light, makes it so much easier. Of course being in an old house, installing the light wasn't as easy as we had hoped, but after my 9pm Wal-Mart run for longer screws it worked - yay! I think it looks great in the space and it looks really good for a $90 light (light $50, materials $40)!

Adds some great character to our dining room and I'm excited to get rid of the old fixture we had in there before. I love how the white cups look similar to milk glass and the paper flowers shine through. Plus, you all know how much I love gold. I think my first IKEA hack worked out well! I have some lanterns I'll share with you once I get them painted. Alright, it's late so lights out!

Lots of Love,


  1. Planned on buying this one for Charley's new room. Is this size big enough? I was planning on the larger. Now, I may have to think about changing the color, I hadn't thought about that. I want to do her room in all gold accents with lots of white and..well she wants pink but she may have to settle for a light coral. I do love gold and light coral together. What are the flower things made out of?

    1. Yes very cute light for a kid's room! I've seen people on Pinterest spray paint the flowers gold ( They are a thin paper like plastic and the cups I used are plastic dessert cups. You could work the coral in on pillows and maybe paint some night stands, that would be really pretty :) There are awesome idea on Pinterest:

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