Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fav Spots in Minnesota!

This past weekend, Dustin, my mother and I headed up to Minnesota to see my little brother and cousins, Missy and Matt. It was such a great weekend and Missy showed us some fabulous places to shop and eat. I figured I should share in case any of you head up that way. The Twin Cities are full of culture and amazing food - seriously, I felt like all we did was eat! Best part, we ate outside for every meal. There's a reason we made our visit in mid-summer - the weather was amazing!

Ok, on to the fabulous places to go...

1. On our first day, Missy took us to a wonderful little place off the river called the Wilde Roast Cafe. It was very quaint and the patio was fabulous, plus you have a city view.

2. Day two, we met up with Missy's friend, Jodi, at her great little store called Corset Styling. I found some very fun jeans and a fantastic dress for an upcoming wedding! She has all different styles to fit every woman's style.

3. We then went to lunch at a new little spot called Agra Culture in the St. Francis area. My harvest salad was so fresh and delicious! They also had a great little patio and their inside atmosphere was great. They are organic and have lots of menu choices - it was very hard to choose.

4. On Saturday night for Matt's birthday, we decided to go to a fun beer hall downtown. Free House was a very cool place and, surprise, they had an awesome patio. The Minnesotans convinced us to try the cheese curds and holy moly they were so tasty! They also have their own beer options and most of us went with burgers for dinner.

5. Saturday night, Mikey wanted to show Dustin and I a fun rooftop bar in Uptown called Stella's. I love a good rooftop bar and we had a great time. We met up with some of his friends and enjoyed the night people watching, enjoying some drinks and sharing good Mikey stories!

6. Last, but definitely one of my favorites, we went out to a great brunch spot called WA Frost. Their patio is dreamy and I felt like I was in a movie. It was so green and the atmosphere was very inviting. Helps that the brunch was scrumptious!

For our last meal in Minnesota, my cousins made us a delicious beef tenderloin. Unfortunately, they aren't open for customers, so you will just have to be jealous! It was such a fun weekend and I loved hanging out with all of them. Plus, we got to celebrate Mikey's and Matt's birthdays, which is always fun!

Thanks to you three for a wonderful weekend - we loved it! Definitely a recommended place to the summer.

Lots of Love,

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