Saturday, June 28, 2014

Weekend Guests!

My wonderful friends Megan and Sammy Jo are here to spend the weekend with me and we are having such a good time! I was excited to have my first official guests in the new guestroom. I had to get it all ready and make sure to follow good hostess protocol. First, I made sure the room was clean - and the hall bathroom for that matter. Then I had to make sure they had towels and bathroom necessities. To brighten up the room, I stopped by the store on my way home and picked up Sam's favorite flowers. Always a nice touch. Lighting a smell good candle gives the room a nice aroma when the guests arrive. It's the simple touches that can make your guests feel special.

I like to set out a razor and a shampoo option in case they forgot!

I love gerbera daisies and this Kate Spade candle smells really good.
Funny story about towels...a couple years ago, my friends came to stay with me for a friend's wedding. I was in Omaha for a family deal when they first got there, so I told them to just make themselves at home and I would be back the next day. I get back and see Teddy's (my dog) towels hanging up in the bathroom. I was really confused as to why they would pick the grungy dog towels. They told me the other ones looked too nice to use...guests are supposed to use pretty towels! Silly girls.

To welcome my guests, we had some yummy Prosecco! Paige came over to join us as well. It was a great girls' night. I pulled out my new champagne glasses and adorable napkins I received as birthday gifts. Love a good cocktail napkin.

Glasses are from The Plaid Giraffe - they tied the fun pink bows on them since they were a birthday present! The fun, girly napkins are from Social Manor - thanks Paige!
It was a great night, and we've had a great day as well. Can't wait to hit the town with the ladies tonight! Love a good girls' weekend.

Lots of Love,

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