Sunday, June 8, 2014

Powder Room Ideas

Last night, Dustin and his brother conquered removing the nasty, rusting toilet from our main floor powder room. It seriously was probably 50+ years old. Time for an update! We are going to have to remove the sink and redo the room. It is currently wallpapered and the wallpaper has seen better days. It is peeling and since the toilet and sink were on the wall, we now have open patches. Not a good look! It does, however, give me the chance to make a fun powder room (silver lining to a lot of work ahead!). My main concern is how small the room is. It is teeny tiny:

Picture from when we first moved in:

The sink is way too big for the space, so by finding a smaller wall mount sink, we can make it possible for people to comfortably use the room. A new toilet will help as well and if I find the one I'm picturing in my head, it will look classier.

Here are my current inspirations:

Picture sources can be found on my Dream House Pinterest board.

Hopefully we can get the current wallpaper off fairly easily and the sink comes out easier than the toilet did. I also need to look for a new toilet that looks pretty - ha, I know that sounds odd.

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