Thursday, June 19, 2014

Paige's Birthday Dinner!

We celebrated Paige's quarter of a century birthday last night, and had a great time chatting over wine and food! I told you all that Amy and I would be fancying up the table with fun decorations and delicious cake in my Gold Balloons post. Well, Amy (aka Betty Crocker) made a not only gorgeous, but delicious torte. It made for a fabulous centerpiece. Which is good because it was a little (who are we kidding, a lot!) windy outside and the balloons would not cooperate. We had fun anyways and drank the night away at $5 Martini night. Check out all the fun:

Amy's aMAZing chocolate torte! Told you it was pretty.
Table decorations! The treat bags are from Michael's and I scored that fun marble-like paper from Home Goods in KC.

I put together the cute treat bags filled with Hershey's toffee & almond nuggets (they come in gold wrapping, so are cute for favors). I wrote on them myself with a gold paint pen and closed them with some gold sparkle washi tape - touch of fancy!

Like I said earlier, the balloons were a cluster because it ended up being extremely windy! However, they still looked cute blowing in the background!
Fun little dinner group!
Photos via me
Besides the wind blown balloons, my treat bag chocolates melting (seriously in like 10 minutes) and a wine glass getting knocked over (wind hit a menu which hit the wine glass - we hadn't even been drinking for 5 minutes! haha), it was a great evening with great friends to celebrate Miss Paige! Hope you all had a good time filled with laughter, booze and melted chocolate! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAIGE!!!

Lots of Love,

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