Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ghost Chair Score

So I don't know about you, but I've seen ghost chairs around a lot lately. Only problem is that they can be so pricey! I needed some kind of chair to go by my staircase, but I wanted it to be light to avoid the corner being too crowded. Inspired by my new clear coffee table, I decided to see what options are out there for clear chairs. I stumbled upon a chair website that has a ton of options. Even better, they had a very cheap ghost chair option! They had a batch that had minor defects that they needed to clear out at the wonderful price of, wait for it, $39.99! I read reviews to make sure it was legit because it seemed too good to be true. Reviews were good and they have a description of the defect. The website is called and they have a million affordable options if you are needing some chairs, especially office chairs. Here are the links that you'll be interested in for the ghost chairs:
Ghost Armchair - Factory Defect Special
Ghost Side Chair - Factory Defect Special
Ghost Armchair - Regular Price (still reasonable!)
Ghost Side Chair - Regular Price

They have pricier options as well, just search "ghost chair" on their website. The chairs arrived today (seriously shipped in 2 days and shipping was only about $10 a chair - good for furniture) and they work perfectly in the space I needed them for. I will say they are not in perfect condition and do have a couple minor defects (scratch here and there and one has a bubble in the plastic), but honestly not noticeable for where I have them. You can check them out for yourself in my pictures. If you are wanting them to be perfect, pay the regular price. Oh and they are quite comfortable! Which is good because we also ordered one for my mom's desk in her office - another good place to put a ghost chair. They can also be fun for vanities, dining room or kitchen tables (they would wipe off easily!) and outdoor patio areas.

Here they are in my space:

Lamp is a fun find from One King's Lane and the card I framed was from my fab Aunt Sue and cousins Kelly, Corey and Baby Leni!

Great score and addition to my swanky living room. I love how it has all come together! You can check out the rest of it here.

Lots of Love,


  1. Hi! love the post, I am in the hunt for some ghost chairs myself and I am interested in the
    one listed in biz chair but I was wondering if the blue undertone I notice in your photography is noticeable in person.?

    Also you purchase the one listed under $39.99 { just to clarify}


    1. Hi! Yes, I got the $39.99 chairs (score right!) and no, my blue walls and table add a blue tone to them. They are clear. Hope this helps!


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