Sunday, June 29, 2014

Eat with Gold

Obviously if you follow my blog, you know I love the color gold. It is rich and pops! My china has gold detailing on it, but I have been using my platinum color flatware - looks great, but I wondered if there was a gold option out there. I feel in love with the idea of gold flatware when The Plaid Giraffe started carrying the Marchesa gold flatware. I went to check out the fabulous place settings of the many brides setup on their tables and it caught my eye immediately! Um where was this when I registered - of course it came out right after. The price tag is a little steep if you are buying it all at once for yourself, but for a registry it is perfect - lucky for the recent brides! I, however, needed another option. I went on a hunt and slowly started seeing more gold flatware sets pop up. Here are my favorites at all the different price levels (all are under $100!):

1. Marchesa* 2. Anthropologie Doma 3. Anthropologie Vika Sky 4. Sur la table 5. West Elm* 6. Target
* indicates hand wash only
I love them all! It just depends on your style, shade of gold and budget. I personally went with the Target option - I loved the hammered look. I came across the flatware in my current month of HGTV magazine and was so excited I found an affordable, dish washer safe option. I ordered six place settings and I will make sure to snap some pictures of it with my china when it comes in!

Lots of Love,

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