Saturday, June 7, 2014

Chic Baby

Finally got some good Baby Leni time today and she was looking quite chic in her new headband!

I love the idea of a comfortable and cute headband for a baby. She looks adorable in it and it wasn't driving her crazy. This little gray gem was found at the fabulous The Little House in Kansas City. If you are up in the that area go in and check them out. If not, here are some fab finds online:

Love these hip headbands from Little Hip Squeaks! They are great patterns and they have really cute dresses to match.

This Etsy shop, Harper and Zoe, has fashionable patterns and you can pick the sizing to fit what you are looking for.
These make great baby gifts or are perfect for the little lady in your life! Leni definitely knows how to rock one - love her!

Lots of Love,

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