Saturday, May 10, 2014

Quick Makeover: Downstairs Entryway

Time to share our quick makeover. The entryway to our downstairs and backyard door was pretty ugly and made me cringe every time I walked down there. It had dirty chocolate brown stairs and gross beat up walls. Since we still had some leftover Rainwashed by Sherwin Williams paint, we decided it was now time to make that area prettier.

Check it out...

Told you it was bad! Ok, so now for the wonderful and brighter after:

Dog food storage can from Harry Barker.

We used gray floor paint from Menard's on the stairs - my grandma calls it "basement gray" and used it in her old house. We used the darker gray since it was against the light blue gray walls.
Now I know what you are all thinking, why didn't you guys paint the stairs that orange color that was peeking through on the before pictures? We thought gray would be more classic :) Now we still need to give the wood some TLC and repaint it. This was a quick makeover though, so we didn't feel depressed every time we let our dog out! One last question for you all to ponder though...

With a little paint, you can make even the most drab areas of your house look 100x better!

Lots of Love,

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