Sunday, May 18, 2014

End Table Makeover

Last week I stumbled upon some fun, little end tables at Invio, a great furniture consignment store. If you follow them on Facebook, they post pictures of the new arrivals at their store. The minute I saw these, I knew I had to go buy them, so I could spice them up. They originally came from Target, which is funny because if I had seen these at Target, I might not have thought to give them a makeover. That's the great thing about finding second hand furniture, it inspires you to make it work!


I had to decide what color would work best. I wanted something fun and colorful, but it needed to match the living room. The room is blues, grays and greens. Staring at the spray paint for a while, I finally decided to go with a turquoise, icy blue. The other tables in the room are a similar color, so I thought it would be a good match up. I also wanted to spray paint the hardware on the pieces so they were a bright gold, plus I hated that the screws weren't matching the original copper color - made them stand out.

My big lesson from this project: If you have a product you trust, do not change it up. I went with a different brand of spray paint because I liked the color. It was awful and runny. Waste of money and time. Luckily, when I went out to Home Depot, they had the brand I trusted and a perfect color.

Below are the colors I used and the handy spray gun that I finally invested (big $3) in. Sorry I didn't take a pretty picture before using them. 

Rust-Oleum - Metallic was used on the hardware, blue on the piece and lacquer was to make it shiny.
Make sure to remove the hardware before spraying the piece.

I sprayed the hardware with metallic gold and it looks so much better!

I love how they turned out! They are a fun pop of color and I love the gold accents. If you love how they turned out and want to make one of your own, there is still one left at Invio!

Lots of Love,

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