Friday, May 23, 2014

Bathroom Organization

Sometimes it feels good to get some organized. It can be as simple as a drawer or as crazy as a basement. My task was to conquer our bathroom drawers. Luckily, at TJ Maxx I stumbled upon some great bamboo/wood organizers. I loved the look from a pin I had pinned on Pinterest - granted the cabinets and counters are also in my dreams! At least I was able to score the wood organizers at a low price. Once I put them in our drawers, they worked perfectly:

The brand I found at TJ Maxx is Lipper International Inc. Bamboo. If you hurry and check out TJ Maxx, they had quite a few. Looks like you can also find them online. They look really nice and you are able to move around some of the slots to make them bigger or smaller.

On my counter top, I have a fun tray to keep some of my other items:

Photos via me
Since we have double sinks, it fits perfectly in between and I am able to keep often used items on it - well the ones that are in pretty containers! Those are just a couple suggestions. I have also seen these fun ideas while scouring Pinterest...

Clear organizers from Ikea

White organizers
Now go get organized!

Lots of Love,

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