Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Zara Home

Zara is for more than just clothes, which I know some of you Pinterest lovers have found out before. What surprised me was how many items they have available now, including Zara Kids. I love their bright colors and unique pieces, plus their spin on usual items. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Ikat Throw 2. Kid's Tableware 3. Slate Trays 4. Green Glass 5. Yellow Bottle 6. Pink Embroidered Pillow 7. Hangers
8. Picture Frames 9. Striped Rug 10. Dog Bookend 11. Tassel Towels
How fun are those items!? I wish I had a bathroom that was colorful and striped... if you have a kid's bathroom those towels are a must and if you look on their website they have a pom pom bathmat to match! That striped rug also melts my heart and would be great if it was done in the right way. Great pop of color. On to the adult items, how awesome are those slate trays? I think they are very modern and a block of cheese would look great on them. The emerald green glass is gorgeous and I am probably ordering those gold frames. I love their vintage look and I think you could put some great family photos in them. The yellow jar is a small statement for your room and the pillow and throw could add some needed color.

If you haven't looked at Zara for anything, but clothes (or even those!) make sure to check it out. They have some good prices and fun pieces that can add some needed character to your home.

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