Sunday, April 6, 2014

Starting on the Guestroom

Before we can start painting the poop brown walls in our guestroom, we have to get it all cleaned out and organized. Well that has been a hot mess! I feel like a hoarder...where did all this stuff come from! Luckily, we are going through it and had a large trash bag filled with unnecessary items. Plus, we started a big box for Goodwill. There is still so much! Basically the guestroom held my boxes from my old office that we have needed to unpack for awhile, wedding stuff and random items we didn't know where to put. We bought a shredder and filing cabinet to help with the cleanup and organizing. There were so many old bills and letters that needed shredding - I seriously hate mail that you feel obligated to keep, but should just toss.

This is the disaster of a room that we started working on yesterday (yes, I'm publicly shaming myself):

Epic Disaster
We are heading in the right direction, but with organizing comes a little chaos because the boxes are unpacked and we have a lot laid out to see where it should go. I know Dustin has been hiding some unwanted items in that closet too - needs to go!

On a happier note, I have decided how I want to decorate the room... There is light at the end of the tunnel!

My inspiration:

Pinned from Effortless Style Blog

I love the combination of the light blue and greens. We are going to paint the room the same color as our living area: Rainwashed by Sherwin Williams. Then for the green aspect, I am ordering this beautiful duvet from Pottery Barn Teen:

I want to get the duvet cover and pillow shams.
I also have this emerald rug on it's way:

Lattice Green rug from Rugs USA
For the bookshelves I cannot decide if I want to paint them the same color as the room, white, green or wallpaper them. If you know of any cool removable wallpaper companies, please let me know! I've looked at some on Etsy and might go with one on there, but not sure.

I'm excited to get the room cleaned up, so I can start working on it! Unfortunately I'm going to be traveling this week for work, but we shall see what miracles we can make happen today. It will be nice to have a welcoming place for our guests to come and stay in!

Lots of Love, 

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