Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Mom's Bedroom Inspiration

My fabulous Aunt Mary is in town and of course that means fun shopping trips. I took the afternoon off to run around with her, my mom, cousin Kelly and baby Leni. A miracle happened, my mother finally found inspiration for her bedroom! We were at Social Manor (a great little store!) and their newly painted green wall sparked an idea into her head. We asked for the color and found out it was called Talipot Palm from Sherwin Williams. The swatch does it no justice so I found an example:

Photo via Eclectic Charleston
How fun is that color! We got a sample and we loved it on her walls. That checked a very big item off of our list. She has already found her bedding from Pottery Barn:

Love the Pearl Embroidered collection at Pottery Barn - looks great in person!
Now she has to decide what headboard she likes. She loves the tufted headboards, but can't decide what color goes with her bedding. What do you all think: white, ivory or linen? Here are some examples of the options we like:

Buckwheat Headboard from Amazon
White headboard from Amazon
White headboard from Target
Ivory headboard from Wayfair
I honestly keep going back and forth, but I think I'm between the white and the ivory. Once we get that figured out we will be on a good track.
We found some really fun decor at Social Manor, like trays, jewelry boxes and a side table. My Aunt Mary and I also suggested that my mom get these really fun curtains from Serena and Lily:

I'm so excited for my mom to finally get her dream bedroom and we are going to have so much fun putting it all together. We are going to get fun new stuff and we are also going to revamp her old stuff. There will be lots of project updates on the blog to share!

Lots of Love,

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  1. It was so fun to see you and your fun family yesterday. Thanks for stopping by Social Manor, we're just tickled that we helped inspire this darling room concept!! Can't wait to see pictures as it comes together!


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