Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Guestroom Update

Last month my husband had knee surgery (soccer injury) and he can't play soccer, golf or anything with running for the next few months - ah! Well this has it's obvious cons, but I've realized also comes with some pros. A couple weekends ago, he got so bored he decided to paint the guestroom! Awesome, right?! He didn't even want me to help (mainly so he could listen to his podcast haha) and he knocked it all out in one day. Guestroom already looks a million times better with the lighter color and I am giving you a sneak peek before the big reveal:

Our bedding should come this week and our rug arrived last week. This weekend I should be able to get it all put together - so excited! Then I will be ready for some visitors and they will enjoy their stay that much more. Besides the bedding and rug, I need to figure out the artwork I would like to hang in there and how I want to accessorize the book shelves. My Aunt Mary bought me these adorable Kate Spade boxes:
Purchased locally at Dandurand Drugs
I want to use those, as well as some fun frames and accessories on the shelves. We are probably going to put a TV in there, but we have to see how/if the one we have will fit. I'll let Dustin handle that one! The ceiling fan will most likely stay for now until I figure out what light situation I would like in there. The nightstands (you can see one in the picture above) will stay and I will find a cute lamp, candle and clock to put on those. I also want to go see if Target has these gems to put in there:

Great spring Threshold collection!
I will keep you all posted on our progress. I'm very excited and hopefully we will have some guests soon, so they can enjoy!

Lots of Love,

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