Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Guestroom Shelves

Pinterest Project...that I actually tackled! This guestroom is really pushing me to accomplish some Pinterest Pins. I wanted a way to store my Etsy silhouettes and I figured I might as well display them while I'm at it. My friend Anne and her handyman husband have these cute book shelves in their nursery and when I asked her how they were done, I was amazed when she said gutters. When I was staring at the blank wall of my guestroom, I remembered the idea and loved it for my silhouettes.

I went to Home Depot yesterday and called Anne to ask a million questions - thanks by the way! She told me to get the white vinyl gutters that looked like crown molding. I also needed to get the end caps since they weren't going all the way across the wall - make sure to get both a right and a left, they come as a pair at Home Depot. The gutters come 10 ft long, so I asked a very nice man there if they could help me cut it in half. After I explained to him how the shelves would work - he was very interested - he took me over to the tool rental area. There, another nice guy sawed it in half. I decided I wanted two 5 ft long shelves.

Once I got home, I convinced my loving husband that the project would only take a "few" minutes to do. He agreed to help me out and he used his drill to screw the gutters into the wall - we did 4-5 screws per gutter (make sure to drill holes into your gutter before drilling into the wall). Besides his drill dying after one shelf, the overall project didn't take long at all. Drilling holes, leveling and drilling into the wall for two shelves took less than 30 minutes. The hardest part was scrapping the dumb price stickers off the end caps - why do they put those on the most visible places! (Hint: use lighter fluid for removing tough stickers)

I put my pictures on the shelves and I love how they turned out:

If you like any of the silhouettes or want one customized just for you, I sell them on Etsy - Love of Character!
Photos via me.
The best part about this project, it's ridiculously cheap! One 10 ft gutter is around $5 and the end caps are around $6 for the pair. One shelf = $8.50! Awesome.

If you have pictures to display or children books to put out in your kid's room, these are a great idea. I know using them for children's books is the most popular use for these and they look really cute in their rooms - the covers of kid's books make fun decorations.

Couple steps closer to be done with the guestroom! (I really hated ironing the bedding....)

Lots of Love,

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