Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Guestroom Shelves

Pinterest Project...that I actually tackled! This guestroom is really pushing me to accomplish some Pinterest Pins. I wanted a way to store my Etsy silhouettes and I figured I might as well display them while I'm at it. My friend Anne and her handyman husband have these cute book shelves in their nursery and when I asked her how they were done, I was amazed when she said gutters. When I was staring at the blank wall of my guestroom, I remembered the idea and loved it for my silhouettes.

I went to Home Depot yesterday and called Anne to ask a million questions - thanks by the way! She told me to get the white vinyl gutters that looked like crown molding. I also needed to get the end caps since they weren't going all the way across the wall - make sure to get both a right and a left, they come as a pair at Home Depot. The gutters come 10 ft long, so I asked a very nice man there if they could help me cut it in half. After I explained to him how the shelves would work - he was very interested - he took me over to the tool rental area. There, another nice guy sawed it in half. I decided I wanted two 5 ft long shelves.

Once I got home, I convinced my loving husband that the project would only take a "few" minutes to do. He agreed to help me out and he used his drill to screw the gutters into the wall - we did 4-5 screws per gutter (make sure to drill holes into your gutter before drilling into the wall). Besides his drill dying after one shelf, the overall project didn't take long at all. Drilling holes, leveling and drilling into the wall for two shelves took less than 30 minutes. The hardest part was scrapping the dumb price stickers off the end caps - why do they put those on the most visible places! (Hint: use lighter fluid for removing tough stickers)

I put my pictures on the shelves and I love how they turned out:

If you like any of the silhouettes or want one customized just for you, I sell them on Etsy - Love of Character!
Photos via me.
The best part about this project, it's ridiculously cheap! One 10 ft gutter is around $5 and the end caps are around $6 for the pair. One shelf = $8.50! Awesome.

If you have pictures to display or children books to put out in your kid's room, these are a great idea. I know using them for children's books is the most popular use for these and they look really cute in their rooms - the covers of kid's books make fun decorations.

Couple steps closer to be done with the guestroom! (I really hated ironing the bedding....)

Lots of Love,

Monday, April 28, 2014

Embroidered Baby Animals

My Aunt Mary has done it again and found a way to make a gift personalized. If you know how to cross stitch, these are an adorable baby gift that are both useful and personalized:

My friend Kelly's adorable daughter Minnie has one, so I had to take my Aunt Mary on a hunt to find them. These fun animals were found at Michaels. They come with a pattern already, but you can go off book and create your own designs. I love the ones Aunt Mary did for her cute grand babies and for baby Leni:

Lacy got the cute elephant to go with her future elephant room, Logan got the mighty lion and baby Leni got the fun little giraffe. So cute!

Lots of Love,

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Storage Bench - DIY Cushion

We are making major progress on the guestroom and hopefully once the bedding gets out of the dryer, we will be almost done! To distract our little Teddy from laying on the new guest bedding, we wanted to have some kind of window seat for him. I tried making the simple three cube shelves work, but they were way (WAY) too short. The storage cube bench at Target was also too short, but I eventually found the perfect one at Home Depot:

Martha Stewart Living White Storage Bench
It isn't huge, but it is still a decent size for what we are wanting. That cushion had to go because it didn't match my color scheme at all. Plus, I wanted to add some height by adding in more padding. The cover unzipped, which was nice, so I could pull the padding foam out. I also purchased 1 inch foam from Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store, as well as my fabric. Having the padding from the actual cushion helps with measuring out the other foam. To upholster the cushion, I used a staple gun. In order to have something steady to staple into, I used cardboard on the bottom. Figuring out a wood situation was stressing me out and the cardboard worked great - had to get creative! The project took about 30 minutes for two people - one building the bench and the other getting the cushion re-upholstered.

Here are the steps in pictures to help visualize:

1. Cut your cardboard to the needed size.
2. If you want the cushion to be thicker, purchase extra foam. It is pretty pricey, so having a special or coupon definitely helps!
3. Cut your additional foam to the correct size. I wanted to add 2 more inches so I used the other half of the foam. It wasn't quite wide enough, but I used the leftovers to cut strips to make it match. That piece was put in the middle so it stayed together.
4. Stack the foam and cardboard on top of your fabric. Make sure it's lined up. If you purchase this exact bench, you'll need ~1 yard of foam length and 1.25 yards of fabric. I would get extra though, especially for the fabric because you need some to pull around.
5. Figure out how you want the fabric to look on the cushion - aka how do you want the corners to fold in? You have to mess with it until you find something you like. I stapled long sides first and then folded up the shorted ends.
6. Staple away! Make sure you pull really tight while stapling. It helps to have someone else with you to pull on the fabric while you staple. Once you are done, it helps to add velcro strips to the bottom. Stick them on top of the actual bench. That way the cushion won't just slide off.
Funny story about stapling fabric. My wonderful friend, Hailey, has helped me re-upholster 10 chair cushions and we used this old school metal fabric stapler on every one. When we were working on the last of the dining room chairs, Dustin comes in and says, "You know I have an electric stapler." ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Well today I was able to use that fancy electric stapler.  Definitely doesn't hurt your hands like the old school style does, but both work just as well.

Ok, so here is the final product!

The Kate Spade storage boxes are definitely a fun touch - thanks Aunt Mary!

The best part, Teddy actually likes it! The neighborhood watch has a new view to check out...

Photos via me
There are a lot of nice, expensive window seats and benches out there in the world. I am very glad I was able to get one completed for $100 - including the bench, extra foam and fabric (depending on your fabric and if you want extra foam, you can accomplish for more or less). This works great for our guestroom because our guests are able to put their bags on it or have an extra spot to sit. I think this would also work great in a kid's bedroom or a mud room/entry way. It's nice to know that you can change the generic cushion these benches come with to something that goes great with your room.

I promise the guestroom reveal will come out very soon! So excited to share with you all.

Lots of Love,

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Zara Home

Zara is for more than just clothes, which I know some of you Pinterest lovers have found out before. What surprised me was how many items they have available now, including Zara Kids. I love their bright colors and unique pieces, plus their spin on usual items. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Ikat Throw 2. Kid's Tableware 3. Slate Trays 4. Green Glass 5. Yellow Bottle 6. Pink Embroidered Pillow 7. Hangers
8. Picture Frames 9. Striped Rug 10. Dog Bookend 11. Tassel Towels
How fun are those items!? I wish I had a bathroom that was colorful and striped... if you have a kid's bathroom those towels are a must and if you look on their website they have a pom pom bathmat to match! That striped rug also melts my heart and would be great if it was done in the right way. Great pop of color. On to the adult items, how awesome are those slate trays? I think they are very modern and a block of cheese would look great on them. The emerald green glass is gorgeous and I am probably ordering those gold frames. I love their vintage look and I think you could put some great family photos in them. The yellow jar is a small statement for your room and the pillow and throw could add some needed color.

If you haven't looked at Zara for anything, but clothes (or even those!) make sure to check it out. They have some good prices and fun pieces that can add some needed character to your home.

Lots of Love,

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Guestroom Update

Last month my husband had knee surgery (soccer injury) and he can't play soccer, golf or anything with running for the next few months - ah! Well this has it's obvious cons, but I've realized also comes with some pros. A couple weekends ago, he got so bored he decided to paint the guestroom! Awesome, right?! He didn't even want me to help (mainly so he could listen to his podcast haha) and he knocked it all out in one day. Guestroom already looks a million times better with the lighter color and I am giving you a sneak peek before the big reveal:

Our bedding should come this week and our rug arrived last week. This weekend I should be able to get it all put together - so excited! Then I will be ready for some visitors and they will enjoy their stay that much more. Besides the bedding and rug, I need to figure out the artwork I would like to hang in there and how I want to accessorize the book shelves. My Aunt Mary bought me these adorable Kate Spade boxes:
Purchased locally at Dandurand Drugs
I want to use those, as well as some fun frames and accessories on the shelves. We are probably going to put a TV in there, but we have to see how/if the one we have will fit. I'll let Dustin handle that one! The ceiling fan will most likely stay for now until I figure out what light situation I would like in there. The nightstands (you can see one in the picture above) will stay and I will find a cute lamp, candle and clock to put on those. I also want to go see if Target has these gems to put in there:

Great spring Threshold collection!
I will keep you all posted on our progress. I'm very excited and hopefully we will have some guests soon, so they can enjoy!

Lots of Love,

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hoppy Easter!

I hope you all had a good Easter and got in some good quality time with family and/or friends! We were up in Kansas City for Rachel and Aaron's wedding shindig, so we drove over to Lawrence to spend Easter morning with Dustin's family. After Church, Brenda made a delicious feast and the afternoon was full of Easter baskets and egg hunts. We even had a very festive coconut Easter cake to enjoy:

Tasted amazing, props to my fab mother-in-law!
I have always loved Easter because...
1. Easter = cute new dress
2. Lent was over and I could finally indulge on whatever I gave up!
3. Easter egg hunts and visits from the Easter bunny after Mass
4. Delicious brunch or dinners

Just to give you all a good Easter laugh, here are some good throw back pictures from my past Easters:

Little Mikey is looking very dapper in his sports coat!

Definitely a hat girl for some of the Easters!

Happy Easter everyone!
Lots of Love,

Friday, April 18, 2014

An Amy & Amy Birthday Celebration!

Tonight Paige and I cooked for Amy's and Amy's birthday celebration dinner and it was so much fun! I know you all are thinking that I'm crazy (which I am) for posting about it the night of at midnight, but I'm off to KC tomorrow for a friend's wedding, so here I go! After I found all the fabulous Oh Joy! party supplies at Target, I had to come up with a reason to use them. Amy and Amy are the perfect excuse to use cute party supplies on and we decided a dinner party would be a great way to celebrate. There were seven of us to keep it intimate (and so I'd have enough seats & china plates!). The night was full of fun and chit chat, plus some good laughs while playing Chat Pack. Like I've said before, pictures speak louder than words, so check them out:

Found great notecards in the Target dollar section and letter stickers. I used some other fun stickers I had to spruce them up. Love sealing envelopes with washi tape.
I was very excited to get some good use out of my Anna Weatherley wedding chica from The Plaid Giraffe. The Annie Glass ruffle dishes are also from there.

Loved the idea of sticking these in flowers instead of cake.

Chalk board place mats and name tags are from Target.

Extra noise maker, why not put it in the flowers!

Loved these candy striped treat bags from Target. I have pinned bags similar to this with "goody goody" written on them, so I decided to do the same.

Katy's cupcakes were as delicious as they look and yes, she made white chocolate hearts and "A"s!

I think the night was a great success, plus Paige and I are feeling very accomplished for cooking the meal and cleaning up afterwards! Great night, great friends and great cosmos!


Photos via me

Lots of Love,

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Kim's Wedding Shower Brunch!

Sorry I have been M.I.A. for the past week, I was working in Houston. The week was jammed pack, but I survived and made it home yesterday in time to setup for fabulous Kim's wedding shower! She is getting married next month and we needed to have a fun little get together for her, so we decided mimosas and brunch would be perfect. It turned out really cute and the food was so very yummy:

Chelsea found these fun letters and we sprayed the "K" & "N" with glitter spray paint!
She used the same glitter spray on the "Miss 2 Mrs." sign and the garland is from the Target Oh Joy! collection.
The hostesses went together on fun kitchen items for the bride to be!
Chelsea turned an old barn screen door into a picture holder. They removed the screen and put string across it, so you can use cute mini clothes pins to hang the pictures.

Had to have a fun chalkboard welcome sign!
We ordered cake balls for the party favors from Sweetly Scrumptious!

Since we were serving mimosas, we jumped on the Pinterest band-wagon and made it a Mimosa Bar.

Still loving and using my fun Annie Glasses pieces we got as wedding presents from The Plaid Giraffe!
The invitations were ordered off of Etsy and we loved the simplicity of them.
Camille made our delicious quiches and we ate every last bite!

I made the Ina Garten's yummy lemon curd yogurt - find the recipe here, so easy!

Angela brought the different carafes and mimosa goods - worked out beautifully!

The bride with her hostesses! Me, Chelsea, Kim, Camille and Angela! Love you girls!
Photos via me
The day was a success and Kim had a wonderful time, so that is all that matters! She got some great things for her house - she's been apparently toasting bread in the oven, so thank goodness someone got her a toaster!

Lots of Love,