Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Target's Done It Again...

My whole life, Target has been my favorite store. Ok that's a lie, I worked there for a few months in college and during that time it was not my favorite because I was there too much. But... BACK TO THE is seriously such an awesome store because they have so many fun finds! Tonight my fab friend Hailey and I were there and stumbled across a very fun little party section: Oh Joy! for Target. As I was looking at it in aw, I remembered a fun pin I pinned on Pinterest:

All I could think was "Holy *bleep* that stuff came from Target!?" How cute is that table and you can get that fun bright stuff from Target! I of course had to get a couple items for a dinner party I now want to throw in honor of how cute it is.

In person these are so bright and fun! They will make the table and I think look so cute with my gold polka dot china. Plus, they are great plastic cups for outdoor drinks!

I had to get the emerald green is just so me!
I honestly wanted it all, but help myself back a if you are reading this, I would love some of those pieces in my Easter basket! Here are a couple more pictures shared from the Oh Joy! for Target party Oh Joy! featured on their blog:

I love their idea of using the cake letters in flowers.
Such a fun place setting.
Can't wait to put together a fun dinner party using these fabulous items! Of course I will share the pictures. Need some warmer weather to use the fun bright colors...

Lots of Love,

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