Sunday, March 2, 2014

Nursery Sneak: Project Baby Lacy's Room

Whenever I come down to Florida, my Aunt Mary & I always need a project. This time around? Baby Lacy's nursery! My cousin Andy and his wife, Sarah, are building a new house, and of course my Aunt Mary wants her granddaughter's room to be fabulous! We went to HomeGoods today to look for patio cushions, but we left with adorable little girl's room decor. They had so much fun stuff, we couldn't resist! The theme is a Moroccan and French look with fun girly colors. See for yourself:

Baby Lacy loves her new chair we found her!

Here is our collection we found!

Chair is from HomeGoods - go check yours out to see if they have lots of adorable kid's chairs! The fabulous table is from World Market.

I'm in love with this cute quilt we found at HomeGoods. I googled and also found it at Bed Bath & Beyond in case you can't find it at HomeGoods or TJ Maxx.

The mirror, paper and little blue elephant bag are from World Market. The white elephant is from HomeGoods.

Love this paper and it sums up the color scheme well! Photos via me
Here are some items we have coming:

These prints by Laura Amiss are perfect for a little girl's room and I love the colors!

We found these "Baby Lit" books on Amazon today and we had to order!  On Amazon, do the "Look Inside" to see how adorable the insides are - love!
I am so excited for them to move into their house this fall and see the room come all together! I will definitely keep you posted as we find things. We need to think through the paint color and I will definitely need to make some fun pictures for her. Little Baby Lacy is going to have a chic and girly space she can love for a long time!

Lots of Love,

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