Sunday, March 30, 2014

Mary Mary Quite Contrary...

...How does your garden grow? It's finally starting to feel like spring, so I decided to plant some spring flowers! I didn't necessarily pick the best day to plant considering the wind outside is reaching 45 mph, but I did it anyways. For spring, I love planting Pansies and Wal-Mart is actually a good place to get them for a good price - I know, that place makes me crazy too, but the garden area is separate. I also love the little flowers called Violas. For my front planters I mixed the two together:

While I was in the Garden Center, I also found some really pretty Gerbera daisies and I got some Asylum to plant with them. Since they were bright and colorful, I needed to find a fun pot to plant them in. In the Better Homes and Garden line, I found a really cute green pot to plant in.

I think the flowers will add some much needed color to the house and I hope they last through the rest of the spring. If you have some empty pots, get out there and stock up on some pretty flowers for spring!

My gardening buddy had a good time hanging outside and was treated with a walk:

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